We provide various forms of training.

Ariane Exploration & Appraisal Asset Evaluation

The standard course covering the Ariane software.

  • The “Ariane’s Thread”, i.e., the assessment logic along a deterministic path, and the basics of the underlying domain knowledge;
  • Introduction to risk, uncertainty & probabilistic modelling;
  • Single sampling and sensitivity analysis using Ariane;
  • Monte Carlo analysis using Ariane;
  • Case studies.

Technical software training Ariane

A light version of the standard course, without theory, focused on the button pushing of Ariane.

Domain knowledge transfer

We teach you all you need to gather and QC data to run consistent assessments with Ariane. Dependent on where you stand, domain knowledge transfer trainings can spread over multiple weeks, with various disciplines covered by our network of domain experts.

Blended consulting and training workshops

A balanced mix of all above, with your data.

We adapt our training to your needs.

From half-day introduction to full week expert training, on-site or at distance (virtual training), using our examples or your data.

Let us customize a solution for you.