The Ariane Platform

A unique way of evaluating your subsurface assets

A horizontal cross-domain workflow

With Ariane, we provide our clients with a best in class solution for the assessment of subsurface opportunities.

Fast, efficient & Fully probabilistic

  • The linear layout along the Ariane Thread allows to understand influence of input on intermediate and final output and removes all black box effects from a complex chain of calculations – this is transparency!
  • Shape your perception of uncertainty using our very efficient Dancing Distributions which can handle much more than a Myriad of standard distributions – also, put data behind for calibration!
  • Deterministic cases, single shot probabilistic cases and probabilistic sensitivities are executed immediately – 10,000 uncertainty simulations provide near-immediate results with our performant Monte Carlo simulator!

Ariane for Carbon Storage

Perform robust and transparent assessments of structured and unstructured aquifers.

  • Evaluate pore volume & theoretical storage capacity
  • Predict in-situ phase and density from pressure & temperature conditions (PVT)
  • Estimate possible column height and leak or spill masses
  • Provide a plume to derive 3D sweep efficiency and effective storage capacity
  • Get insights about containment risk

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Ariane for Hydrogen

Hydrogen never comes alone…

  • Perform standard assessment using pore volume uncertainties.
  • Specify pressure and temperature gradients.
  • Specify hydrogen concentration and composition of associated gases.
  • Estimate column height based on leak-off pressure and capillary entry pressure
  • Calculate probabilistic masses and volumes of total gas, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, helium

Ariane for Oil & Gas

Get fluids into the core of your prospect evaluation.

  • Perform standard assessment using pore volume uncertainties.
  • Understand, predict and quantify subsurface fluid PVT behavior and trap fill, spill and leak.
  • Provide estimations for fluid type (oil versus gas), properties (phase, GOR, densities) and column heights.
  • Evaluate chance of success for charge, seal and fluid composition.
  • Find the optimal place for your exploration well (chance of success and volume)!

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