Partners & Advisors

Our Advisors

Prof. Dr. Arnold Neumaier

Arnold is Professor for Applied Mathematics at the University of Vienna (Austria). He is expert in statistics, risk modelling & optimization. Amongst other scientific parts of Ariane, Arnold coded our proprietary calibration environment powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Prof. Jan de Jager, PhD

Jan is Emeritus Professor at the VU University (Amsterdam) and the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) and acts as independent exploration consultant. Until 2010 he was global Exploration Risk & Volumes Advisor for Shell. Our unique “Dancing Distributions” are a product of collaboration with Jan.

Andrew Murray, PhD

Andrew is an Independent Consultant with Murray & Partners (Australia). Andrew has introduced the concept of “top down” petroleum systems analysis involving Geochemistry, Fluids and PVT.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Busch

Andreas is Professor in Earth Sciences and Head of the GeoEnergy Research Group in the Lyell Centre at Heriot-Watt University. His group is working on an improved understanding of the coupled thermo-hydro-chemical-mechanical aspects related to carbon capture and storage (CCS), underground hydrogen storage and geothermal heat. Among others, he is and was PI on several large-scale projects investigating caprock leakage risks along faults and matrix. Before joining Heriot-Watt University, he was part of the subsurface storage and geomechanics R&D team at Shell Global Solutions, NL.

Tom Levy, MSc

As an Expert Geoscience Advisor, Tom has been around in the oil and gas industry over the last 40 years (ExxonMobil, Decision Strategies, Schlumberger). Tom guides us in the development of Exploration planning, evaluation workflows and ranking processes.

Our Partners

We have developed a network of carefully selected partners to ensure best-in-class software and services.

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