Subsurface Portfolio

Subsurface Resource Assets

Today, Ariane excels at the evaluation of subsurface assets for Carbon Storage and Oil & Gas.

However, the concept of the “Ariane’s Thread” and the underlying technology is agnostic of whatever specific logic is executed. Other Energy Transition domains require subsurface to economic “Ariane’s Threads”.

Natural Hydrogen & Helium Exploration

  • The source of natural Hydrogen is still poorly understood, however, hydrogen gas accumulations are thought to follow rules similar to hydrocarbon gases.
  • Helium is a naturally sourced by-product of oil and gas fields and can be evaluated together with the hydrocarbons. Small volumetric fractions of Helium can make a gas field economic.
  • Natural hydrogen and helium resources are estimated in a very similar way to standard oil and gas assets, with a focus on gas composition and PVT.

Geothermal Exploration

  • A geothermal reservoir can occur at various depths where hot water circulates, constituting a quickly renewable natural heat source.
  • So called “dry holes” from oil & gas exploration can be used for geothermal energy.
  • The assessment is driven by pore volume, permeability, thermal conductivity and heat flow.

Towards an Energy Portfolio Assessment

Most evaluation workflows of New Energy subsurface assets are a wild mix of non-refereed proprietary methodologies yet to be standardized. This makes it difficult to decide for one asset rather than another, particularly between assets types.

This is our call. Imagine all your company’s assets of different domains, evaluated in a single consistent system. They all benefit from the Dancing Distributions, its proprietary Artificial Intelligence, and other features unique to Ariane. With a greater Ariane Energy and Resources Assessment System, you can consistently evaluate your company’s assets:

  • You can compare business opportunities by economic feasibility across domain, e.g., a gas field with a geothermal asset.
  • You can evaluate “hybrid assets”, e.g., a gas field containing helium and also possibly being a CO2 storage site.
  • You can blend any non-subsurface energy source or carrier into the hybrid asset (wind, solar, hydroelectric, biofuel, hydrogen storage, etc.)

Our ambition is to further develop Ariane into a new standard for Energy and Resources Assessment. If you share our vision and look for partners, please let us know.