Our personal contribution

We are coming from the oil and gas sector, an industry which has enabled entire countries to get out of poverty by numerous discoveries and developments. However, we also acknowledge the issues related to the extensive use of fossil energy. We are very sensitive to climate change and resource waste, at our operational level and with the software solutions we provide.

What is our personal contribution to keep carbon emissions low?

Our German headquarters are powered by green energy available in the very proactive national energy market. The building is isolated and sun-protected by a colorful vegetation of wild wine.

The French ArianeLogiX office takes its energy from a private solar array, backed up by locally produced hydroelectric power. We avoid travelling and hold our meetings virtually as much as possible. Our 30 ha of forest in the French Cevennes which captures between 50 to 100 tCO2 per year (numbers vary according to different references) make ArianeLogiX operations carbon-neutral to -negative.

However, we also know our privileges and understand that not everybody can do as we do, and that such efforts are very individual and hard to scale. More important is our vision for ArianeLogiX for the Energy Transition, and how it can help building a better future.