Ariane EAAE

With ArianeLogiX Exploration & Appraisal Asset Evaluation (EAAE), we provide our clients with a best in class solution for the assessment of oil and gas opportunities. As a module embedded in the ArianeLogiX system, EAAE benefits from the Dancing Distributions, its proprietary Artificial Intelligence, and other features unique to ArianeLogiX (see The ArianeLogiX Concept). But also, the inner logic, the very decision-focused ArianeLogiX Thread, is unique to EAAE.

A unique way of evaluating your oil & gas assets

A horizontal cross-domain workflow

  • ArianeLogiX EAAE is connecting multiple disciplines from subsurface to economics.
  • By running a decision-focused live assessment in a data room, discussions are triggered and silos lifted.
  • ArianeLogiX EAAE can run standalone or be connected to complex “full physics” industry-standard simulators.

Based on Geoscience

  • Understand and quantify source to trap processes including kerogen transformation, PVT, and trap fill, spill and leak.
  • Provide estimations for fluid type (oil versus gas), properties (phase, GOR, densities) and column heights.
  • Evaluate chance of success for charge, seal and fluid composition and analyze the potential for dependent traps.

Fast, efficient & Fully probabilistic

  • Transparency: The linear layout along the ArianeLogiX Thread allows to understand influence of input on intermediate and final output and removes all black box effects from a complex chain of calculations.
  • Performance: Deterministic cases, single shot probabilistic cases and probabilistic sensitivities are executed immediately – Monte Carlo simulations provide near-immediate results.
  • Calibration: The embedded Artificial Intelligence uses your uncertain input assumptions to calibrate data (column heights, GOR, etc.) – and it tells you how to improve over time.

See details about different EAAE Assessment Levels.